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May I gently ask the person organising the women’s events at large corporations, to ask themselves the question why their executive people only grant them paltry budgets? What does it say about their senior management that they only budget teeny tiny amounts for their work, when on the other hand they say – as they always do – these women’s network are doing such important work? 

I am asking you, because I often speak to organisers of women’s events from large corporations who cannot afford me. And the fees for my workshops are serious because my work and especially my results are serious, but my fees are not extraordinary in any way, shape or form.

The lack of budget surprises me because when I ask these women about their company board’s commitment to the cause, they often gush that yes, they care so much about the work the network does, they are fully onboard, etc.

Remind me, what’s that saying again? Putting your money where your mouth is?

As a follow up question and a little more specific: how are you, women’s network leader, recognised for all that extra work that you do for the network? Pat on the back or a heartfelt email after a successful event that made the company look good? Great! But what about official time in your week allocated to this work? And are your work and time spent on the network’s organisation counting towards your career progression goals?

I am asking this because the lack of fees for my sessions has little to no impact on my life. I simply won’t work with your organisation and, sure, that’s a shame because it seems like your people need help and I can provide that. But since these corporate workshop constitute about 2-4% of my annual revenue, your decision on whether or not we will work together, doesn’t really matter to me or my business. 

However, your company’s disregard for the value of your work for the network WILL have a large effect on YOUR life and career. 

When you’re devoting a large amount of time to something that is meaningful to you but not the people deciding about your career, that’s time you cannot spend on other things that will move the needle for your career. God knows you work hard enough on your day job…

So, amazing leaders of corporate women’s networks, for the love of all things holy: ask yourself these questions about the money and mouth connection by your company leaders. And if you don’t like the answer, please raise your expectations and have some difficult conversations with the top in your organisation. For you. And the other women in your company. 

Please and thank you.


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