It Starts With Belief

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I sometimes get messages along the following lines: 

“Wies, I love your work but it is getting me down to read about your WINners successes. You see, in my line of work, we don’t make these insane salary jumps of almost 50%, let alone the 93% your clients got in 2022. Nobody jumps 1-3 career levels, no matter how much we deserve it. Could you please write about some more modest improvements so we feel like that’s possible for us, too?” 

And THAT mindset, my friend, is a really big part of the problem. I am not saying I can guarantee success at these – admittedly fairly insane – levels for everyone. I am a former lawyer after all, ha! And please note that these numbers represent averages, meaning some WINners indeed triple, whilst others may only get less than double.

AND… if you don’t believe something is possible for you, you are not going to even try, are you? Or if you do try, but with little belief in a positive outcome, you won’t push as far as you need to actually achieve the results. Or, what’s most likely: you will set your ambitions way too low. 

And guess what happens when you do that? You get lesser results. Which then reinforces your belief that indeed, another level of success is not possible for you, and so the cycle continues.

So you need a pattern interrupt, my friend. You need a different set of beliefs.

Because that is where it starts. 

My WINners are so successful across the board, despite their wide ranging backgrounds in terms of locations, industries they serve, types of roles they have and where they sit in the hierarchy, precisely because we focus on beliefs so much. 

They are rock solid on themselves and their ability to succeed, despite the odds being against them.

That’s how my mid-level manager in an NGO got a double promotion with a 47% pay rise. 

That’s how my WINner at a government body received a 32% salary raise vs the regular 2%.

That’s how my badass client in public education tripled her income over the course of 2.5 years.

That’s how my finance WINner secured a higher-level role at a start-up, with a 91% uptick in their comp package. 

They achieved these amazing results, because they believed they could. And then they took the actions to support those beliefs. And then they got the outcomes. 

Did they start out that way? Absolutely not. And most continue to have to fight against their old beliefs and the beliefs of the people around them the entire time. 

And that’s the game changer. When you step outside your comfort zone and you start believing in what’s possible for you… Oh lala! 

I repeat: it starts with belief. 

If you want my help in seeing what’s possible for you too, and then my help in achieving it, ping me and we can discuss if we’re a fit to work together.  


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