Interviewing the Interviewer

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After speaking with hundreds of women about their careers over the last few years, the same pattern shows up in many of these conversations. The company, team, position or manager ended up not (AT ALL) being what they thought it would be when they started. These women are frustrated, annoyed and oftentimes end up leaving over this disappointment.

If you’re following the default recruitment process, where the company / headhunter / hiring manager interviews you, and you sit up like the good girl that you are, answering all the questions as best as you can so that they pick you out of the queue of 20 people who are waiting in line behind you… then that isn’t just massively uncomfortable…

No, it’s worse than that.

Besides being uncomfortable, it also means you get zero clarity on THEM. You will leave the room being none the wiser what this company is truly about; what this team actually needs; what this manager really requires. You have no idea if you’ll fit in; if you’ll love it; if you’ll be any good at fixing the challenges they’re hiring for. And not knowing any of that, means that you joining (IF they decide to hire you) is a massive gamble.

A massive gamble that often doesn’t work out; hence all those women that leave their companies frustrated and unhappy once they find out there isn’t a good fit between them.

What’s a girl to do, you ask?

You need to flip the system. You need to interview THEM. The company, the team, and the manager, most of all. You need to make sure that from your perspective, it’s working. That THEY are good enough for you. That they are indeed the right person to work for. That they are worth your energy and worth investing your skills and talents into.

If you want my help on how to do this exactly, drop me a line. Because ensuring a fantastic fit is what navigating and negotiating your career The WIN Way is all about! I have developed a communication framework that delivers very, very consistently in terms of matching women to dream jobs (and pay!). 

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