I am calling BS on hiring managers

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I said what I said. 

I am sick and tired (SICK AND TIRED, YOU HEAR ME? ARGH!) of hiring managers’ attitudes that I hear so often from my clients and women across the world. 

That their interviewees should be grateful to be extended an offer. 

That if the interviewee does not accept the measly job offer, dozens of people would be happy to take their place. 

That, basically, the hiring manager is god’s gift to humankind and the interview should bow in their presence.

Okay, the latter might be an exaggeration but many of you will recognise the arrogance often displayed by hiring managers towards interviewees. And don’t get me started on HR…. 

Let me tell you the god’s honest truth, as a former HR director working for a billion-dollar company and being responsible for hiring senior management and knowing a thing or two about the subject:

The world needs talent. 

Desperately needs talent.

Companies are in DIRE need of good people. 

They need intelligence, integrity, and initiative, as Warren Buffett famously hired for, and which I agree with wholeheartedly. 

My point is: don’t believe it when the hiring manager makes you feel like you should be grateful for the opportunity to work there.

They wouldn’t hire you if they didn’t think you were great. Let me tell you: back in my own hiring days, we used to do a happy dance when we found the right person for a role. And then we’d extend them a fair offer and would be thrilled when they accepted. 

THAT’s the truth. 

Anything else is BS. 

Do not let a person or a company in the hiring process make you feel unequal to them. It’s a massive red flag. Honour your gut if it doesn’t feel fair, if you are made to feel small or if some other way you feel off. There are plenty of companies who need great people – go find those!

If you want my help, as ever – let me know. My coaching program is made for this. 


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