How to Have a Great Career

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 How to have a great career

We have all been taught as girls that if we work hard, the rewards will follow. That if we put in our best efforts, that that will be seen and appreciated. And that worked well for us in school and university. If we studied hard for the exam, we got a good grade. If we pushed ourselves in that school project, we were applauded for our great effort.

And then… something changed.

As we hit the workforce, we found out that this rule of effort = reward, no longer applied. Just hamsterwheelin’ every day – producing great results, getting amazing things done (and yes, getting exhausted in the process) – was no longer enough to get rewarded.

It turns out that unlike at school, in business there isn’t necessarily a direct relationship between the level of the work that you do and how much reward you receive for it. Many other factors come into play when it comes to career advancement and recognition.

If you want to have a great career, doing great work isn’t enough.

Say it with me: if you want to have a great career, you need to do great work AND HAVE THE RIGHT PEOPLE KNOW ABOUT IT.

You need the right internal and external stakeholders to know what you are capable of.

They need to know who you are and what you can do for them, so that when they need that, they will think of you.

Building that visibility for you and your great work, in  a comfortable, authentic, confident way, is a key skill and practice that will ensure you will have a great career. Creating those kinds of relationships with the right people – again: comfortably, authentically, confidently – will guarantee you get rewarded for all the hard work you are doing.

If you want to learn how to do this, let me know – I specialise in helping awesome women in corporate get the career they want and deserve.


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