How to Dodge Your Competition in Career Moves

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How to dodge your competition in your career.


It’s the most depressing thing in the world: applying for your dream role, only to find you’re competing against 500+ other candidates.

I have hired senior management for many years in my old role as an HR director working for a global, bn dollar company, and sometimes we received this number applications for a single position.

If you’re going the traditional recruitment route, the numbers are simply against you.

The competition is fierce.

And most likely, amongst those other applicants are people that – according to the algorithms – are a better fit for the role.

There are many downsides to traditional recruiting, but this heavy competition might be one its worst features.

Because you’ll likely receive a rejection, or you will get ghosted. Either way, you don’t go through to the next round, meaning you have no chance of finding out if you’re a good match for the role. But it has a more insidious side effect: you will start to doubt your own greatness. Although you know intellectually that you are great at what you do, constant rejection will eat away at your confidence.

Also: even if you do make it to interview, if you’re in a traditional recruitment process, you get sucked into a very rigid process, where there is little to no chance to interview the employer. And again: you will be weighed against the other candidates.

So obviously, friends, my advice is to skip recruitment processes altogether. Don’t put yourself at the mercy of an algorithm or a person, comparing you to 500 others and missing your awesomeness.


Instead, you want to stay in control of the process. The way to do that is to not wait for a job ad but to proactively connect with real people in companies and fields that interest you. Speak with these people, focusing on what challenges they are dealing with. If you can help them with those, ie you helping THEM directly, it’s a whole lot easier for them to love on you and to want to continue the discussion. At this point, they’re not even thinking about the other people that applied, if you’re in a recruitment process, and they are certainly not considering setting up a whole application process to find a person who can help them fix their challenges. Because that person is sitting right in front of them.

So if you want to dodge the competition, play a different game: your own game, with your own rules.




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