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You have probably been told (and internalized) that you CANNOT have it all:

• I cannot have a leadership position AND have a happy, healthy personal life.

• I cannot have a career that is about purpose and meaning AND get paid really well for that. 

• I cannot get flexibility / a part-time set-up AND expect career progression.

However: you cannot be and give your best when you miss out on the things that are important to you. 

• Your health will likely suffer (the compounded stress of doing 2/3 of the house work, plus the emotional load with full-time work adds up and negatively impacts your health in very real ways)

• You will receive less respect and fewer career opportunities (price (ie salary level) and perceived value (ie your work) are closely connected, and not speaking up when you’re ready cuts down your opportunities dramatically)

• You will miss out on a lot of money… Let me refer you to the infamous Bob and Bella example that I often use in my seminars to show that we’re talking hundreds of thousands to millions of euros over the course of your career

And, fun side fact: your company suffers in a big way if you don’t have it all and you decide to leave. Here’s why: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o2WBeZH-HeY 

So, here’s the truth: you absolutely can have it all. In fact: you MUST have it all in order to be and feel your best and do your best work. 

The way to reach this, is to mentally aim high. Start dreaming about what work set up would allow you to do your best work. What do you need and want to give the greatest value? Then figure out which stake-holders are the decision-makers in your career (hot tip: this often goes well beyond your immediate boss).  Then reach reach out to them and negotiate for those things. 

If you want help with any part of this process, message me. I specialise in helping women to navigate and negotiate their careers because I want them to have it all!


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