Getting the TOP of the salary range

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You want to hear this one…

We had SUCH a fun surprise today during our WIN program Team Call today.

One of our very recent WINners received a call DURING our meeting, where the head of HR of an organisation she recently applied for, told her she was hired and would be receiving a salary that is the very top of the range for the role! Like top, top. Like very max.

She opened a bottle of champagne to celebrate on the call – day drinking was definitely in order, ha!

She got this awesome result, despite missing a key degree officially necessary for the role AND despite the fact that she is working in the arts, a field not famous for its fabulous remuneration, to say the least.

Top dollar for a top chick.

She’s only started working a week or so ago on this, but threw herself into the program, strategising and focusing on mindset.

I have said it before and I will say it again: Hard work does pay off.

Can’t wait to see her soar to even greater heights!

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