Underrated Trick to Get Ahead in Your Career

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Here’s an underrated trick to get ahead at work

Here’s an underrated trick to get ahead at work as a woman:

Change the ratio of working IN and ON your career.

Most women I know will spend 100% of their time at work, doing the work. The meeting, the analysing, the writing, the leading, the supporting, the thinking, the creating, the building, the collaborating…

The work.

They spend little to no time sharing the results they are getting doing that work.

Meanwhile, Bob-down-the-corridor-who-isn’t-as-good-at-their-job-but-does-an-awful-lot-of-talking-about-it, gets promoted ahead of them.

Sounds familiar?

If so, start spending 5% of your time working ON your career, rather than just in it.

That is just 2 hours a week on a full-time contract, people – chill.

Start networking, talking, building relationships, sitting with your feet in the window-sill thinking through where you are at and where you want to go, and then following up on that.

I pinkie-promise you: those 2 hours a week will do more for your career than all the other 38 hours (or more, realistically speaking, for you undervalued, insecure overachievers that you are…) put together.

If you want my help in tailor-making a plan of attack to leverage the hell out of your hard work so far in your career, so you can get exactly the role and recognition that you deserve, get in touch.


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