From Jobless and Hopeless –> unicorn job in 3 weeks time (during the pandemic!)

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Don’t let anyone tell you that it’s impossible to find a job -let alone your dream job – right now!

My client joined the WIN Professional program a mere three weeks ago.

Yesterday, she accepted an offer for her unicorn job (she wrote the job description herself!) in her dream company; the very first one she reached out to after I challenged her to aim high is her expectations.

She is over the moon with her new responsibilities, title and the salary, which is EUR10K more than she thought possible three weeks ago. This is in a different place than her home country, and she doesn’t speak the language, no less. Oh, and she is 26 🙂

Please don’t buy into the belief that this cannot happen for you. If you are decisive, committed and will DO THE WORK, this can be yours too. It’s all mindset, peeps. And okay, some very crafty strategies to navigate the broken recruitment system, ha!

Go! Go after your dream job!


*sits back down from her soap box, opens bottle of bubbles to celebrate this chicken’s and her other clients’ success*


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