Friday WIN: 29th July 2022

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WOOOOP! You want to hear what our WINners have been up to this week!

  • WINner – currently a Chief of Staff – was offered a HUGE promotion in her company, negotiating a corresponding pay increase

  • Made a jump from 11 years in big corporate as individual contributor to building her function and team in a start-up, increasing her salary by 34% plus other benefits, massive growth opportunities and peace of mind

  • Starting her role as professor in a leadership position in a new, bigger university, leading a strategic transition project there

  • Got the promotion to manager level plus retroactive financial recognition for the months she has already been doing the role

  • In the process of creating + negotiating a fantastic international opportunity in a leadership position, after starting off very apprehensive about connecting with people

  • Having three very interesting interviews / conversations in three weeks, compared to 1 interview in 11 months pre-WIN

  • Being elected President of the international association in her field (previously never held by a woman in her age group)

  • Collaborating with the biggest name in her field globally on a project which she would lead, after reaching out to this person The WIN Way

  • Meeting with the deputy CEO of a competitive firms, leading to new meetings in that company

Asking for a 40% raise in salary, “super confident, super prepared and really leading the meeting”

People, go out and create the career and life that you want and deserve! I bet you, too, are capable of a lot more than you are currently doing. All it requires is ambition and commitment to the process.

Ping me if you want my help navigating and negotiating your career.


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