Friday WIN: 9th June 2023

Featured in Testimonial

Celebrating my WINner today who got her dream role and her dream salary after textbook application of The WIN Way strategies.

Coming from a big consulting firm but growing increasingly unhappy with their way of working, this WIN badass engaged her network widely to figure out her next step.

After many lovely conversations (please note: not applications), she ended up with three different options 🙂 Ultimately she chose the one where she could create her own space and step up dramatically.

I am so freaking proud of her! Like I said when we discussed this in the group: when you do the work, you get the results. It’s simple as that.

And make no mistake: with a full home life and demanding job, making all of this happen wasn’t easy. It’s a DECISION. And then you make it happen. And, as said: then you get the results.

Raising my coffee cup to you, my friend! And also to the other WINners and WIN Grads who have shared such wonderful results these past few days. You’re all the best!


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