Friday WIN: 9th February 2024

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Team! It’s Friyeay and that means WINs! It’s been QUITE the week of successes of WINners, OMG. There’s a whole list of reasons for raising my glass, and let me lift out one in particular…

This WINner has been in the program for a few weeks and is truly, truly taking up space now.

In her own words: “I am now consciously trying in everything I do to stop thinking/caring about what other people think of me. This has been a game changer. I now ask all the questions I have in meetings not worrying if I may sound smart or stupid; I take up all the space I deserve during client discussions no matter if there are more senior people present.

And the list goes on…

Immediate result: It makes me feel free, confident and like I can take on the world. Plus, in the past 2 weeks, I had two partners telling me how impressed they were about my performance during client meetings.”

Yes, baby!

Another result she reported, was that she has changed her thinking about a promotion she was before unwilling to entertain, as the previous person left due to burnout and she – sensibly – decided she didn’t want to experience the same. However, learning to set boundaries and asking for support and resources means that she had a conversation with the person who that role reports into.

Again, quoting her message: “ […] he stated:

(i) he fully supports my promotion and we will start setting up a plan to get the necessary people on board to get my promotion through in the next promotion cycle (as the current one is already “closed”);

(ii) he stated that he sees me as the person that should take over the role going forward which is why he has now invited me to the leadership meetings to increase my visibility,

(iii) he ensured me that there is no doubt that he will provide me with the maximum bonus that is possible this year (we have fixed maximum bonus bands per rank), as I have kicked-it out of the park. Looking forward to what the future may hold… :)”

This is what I want for all my WINners. To move through the world taking up the space they deserve, and that the world deserves of them, and getting the recognition for it.

People, taking it from someone who has seen this happen 600+ times now, up close and personal: the mindset shifts precede the results. And when they do…. oh la la!

CHEERS! To you, S., to all the other WINners and to all others outside of our community who are making badass strides!


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