Friday WIN: 8th September 2023

Featured in Testimonial

It’s Friday, and as ever, we celebrate the many, many WINs of this week!

One in particular I want to highlight, and that’s the lady who negotiated an awesome new role where she more than TRIPLED her salary!!

This role has been in the making for quite some time, and the results show that there are no quick fixes and no magic wands when it comes to navigating and negotiating your career and salary. I’d say all the time and energy invested paid off beautifully, though!

I am excited for her, not just because of the massive, game changing salary increase, but because the entire set up works very well for her. As she shared, she is excited working with this person, and in this company. Plus she negotiated a set-up where she doesn’t have to move her family but will by and large be working remotely.

Today, I raise my glass to your phenomenal success, my dear, and how it serves as beautiful inspiration as to what is possible when you are ambitious and work hard!


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