Friday WIN: 7th October 2022

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Good people, from the N-Conference in Zurich (yeay @matthias Schranner), I am here to tell you:

If you’re feeling blah about your career and salary…

If you’re not absolutely loving where you are at and what you are doing…

If you think you are made for greater things than you are currently seeing…

Rejoice with me! Because, my friend, everything you want is available to you.

Don’t believe me? Want to see proof?

Okay, here you go!

Just this past week, WINners have shared the following with me:

– getting two fabulous offers for different roles she both loved, one with a 35% salary hike, and one staying at the same level, but doing so at an exciting start-up with lots of upward potential. And three more offers in the making!

– getting an expensive conference attendance approved by her boss, with lots of fabulous networking at the event

– co-creating a fantastic position in a renowned organisation, with a 55% salary increase and an exciting international move

– a promotion in title and salary under discussion, which before was considered impossible in the organisation

– first day in new role, feeling more confident than ever

– first interview done in which she felt in control and confident, a real conversation, rather than the usual one-way street scenarios

– setting up ten meetings with potentially interesting people for a new role in a new country

– building a strong relationship with her head of HR, who is advocating for this WINner’s self-written new role to be formalised

– creating two fabulous opportunities for roles in totally different fields from the one she is currently in, and being excited about both

– being in the running for “5 or 6, I can’t even remember” different processes, all within the ambitious salary range she wants and her current company is unwilling to pay.

So this afternoon, I am raising my glass to these awesome, awesome ladies, and their awesome, awesome results! And I am raising my glass to YOU and your future results, because, again: if you want it, it’s there for you. Go after it. Life’s too short to feel blah, my darlings.

Photo taken by the very Dutch @scott Tillema, photographer extraordinaire


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