Friday WIN: 7th July 2023

Featured in Testimonial

Friends! How do you define career successes worth celebrating?

Most people will do so like “Got the job!”, “Got the promotion / raise!” etc.

Here at WIN, we use a different standard.

We define success as getting clarity.

Knowing what’s possible for you in a given situation. This means, in practice, that the WINner sharing her career successes here, is celebrating two separate things:

  1. the exciting new opportunity dancer

  2. getting screwed over by her company dancer

The latter seems like worthy of the exact opposite of a celebrating, and yet it’s important to realise that the clarity she got there will allow her to move forward in her career, to a place and people who DO value her.

So yeah, does it suck? 100%. Should she be happy it happened? Absolutely.

Mindset’s everything, as I repeat ad nauseum.

Today, I raise my glass to this wonder woman, whose future is so very, very bright!
What are you celebrating today?


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