Friday WIN: 7th April 2023

Featured in Testimonial


As we slide into the weekend with a drink in hand, I am toasting all my WINners who have been crazy successful in the last week. They are all kicking it out of the park, it’s such a joy to watch!

I am especially raising my glass to this particular WINner, who has negotiated a great exit package from her old (toxic) company, upping their original terrible proposal to a serious-finger-up-level…

At the same time, she is not letting that experience influence her ambitions for her future. She knows her worth, knows when to say no AND how to build the kind of lasting connections that will soon, or in the future, open up much better opportunities for her.

And she is doing all of it, surrounded by the other WINners – a group of badass women who have each others’ backs. Love them just as much as she does!

Wishing you all a fabulous Easter weekend!


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