Friday WIN: 5th July 2024

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Taylor Swift Wies Bratby

Team! Not me sitting here in my Taylor Swift merch from last night’s epic, epic concert in Amsterdam…

Importantly, it’s Friyeay and you know what that means: WINs from WINners!

I could fill a couple of pages with the things my ladies have achieved in this past week alone, but let me highlight just this one for now…

You see, my coaching program grad did the Women In Negotiation professionals program five years ago and if memory serves me right got a double promotion in a new company, then later moved to yet again a new company in a bigger role. When that company re-organised, she collaborated with the CEO co-creating her own role.

Recently, however, new leadership came in and everything went downhill. Instead of sitting tight, hoping for the best, she knew what she had to so. Not afraid of being jobless – having a toolkit and the right mindset to create her own future – she resigned, negotiated a great settlement offer and focused on the future.

As you can read, on her first day of official joblessness, the had 8 job offers… Testament to her badassery, and testament to solid work building up her network, visibility and mindset over the past five years.

Proud of her and happy for her. Raising my glass to her success during a late lunch, blasting TS on the speakers!




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