Friday WIN: 5th August 2022

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And I would like to share with you the story of my badass WINner, who is looking for a new role in a VERY male-dominated environment. Through hard work (both internal and external) she has generated a number of different opportunities – WOOP!

And people, let me tell you: something DRAMATICALLY shifts when you have optionS – plural.

It changes the energy. You are no longer showing up with pressure that this negotiation, this conversation must work out, often limiting your goals, adjusting them downwards because you’d rather have A role than none at all.

No, when you know that if THIS conversation doesn’t work out, you have a ton of other options in the works that you are excited about, suddenly YOU are in control. It increases your expectations for the outcome, it changes your energy, it changes the dynamic between you and the company – for the better, for BOTH sides.

Ooooh man… I live for this. It’s SO good!

So today, I am celebrating this WINner, and with her all the WINners that are working hard every damn day to get to the positions and salaries they want and deserve! Cheeers, chickas!


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