Friday WIN: 5th April 2024

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Friyeay WINners

Happy Friyeay, friends! And you know what that means, right? I am sharing my WINners’ succecsses with y’all! We’ve heard some real crackers this week: 

💃 The WINner who refused 2 new role offers, resigned from her current role and accepted a fantastic role in an international organisation on the other side of the world.

💃 The one who shared how her perspectives changed so that she is now looking at positions she didn’t dare to dream about before.

💃 The WIN grad who was named an “Inspirational Woman” in her field, with subsequent accolades

💃 The WINner who resigned from her toxic workplace, and is currently negotiating one hell of an exit package!

💃 The WINner who kicked it out of the park in her interview with the CEO of a large company, remaining in control throughout the process, and getting him to say “I wish these interviews were always this enjoyable!”

💃 The WINner who achieved the pinnacle of WIN success, by being invited to write her own job description for a role in a company where they aren’t currently hiring, but they want her so bad they made an exception.

Cheers to all of you, ladies! A late Friyeay lunch with a small glass of bubbles was in order. Raising my glass to all of you 🥂!


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