Friday WIN: 5 November 2021

Featured in Testimonial

Celebrating not just my client but also the company she works for… they are VERY lucky to have her! This is always the case when it comes to my clients (I only work with badasses), but just extra this time. Here’s why (and open that bottle of something – something as you’re reading, will you? It’s Friday, it’s apéro time, I am sure besides this story you have reasons to celebrate yourself!) …

So my client and I got to meet live this week for the first time (EEEEK! It was great to meet live after the pandemic distance) after working together about a year ago. At the time, she negotiated a massive salary increase for a new role she would take on + other perks that made her start in that new, big role, much more fun. So we celebrated at the time.

And this week I learnt from her how much reason the company has to celebrate also (despite that higher costs): chick’s doing amazing work! Not just doing as expected but single-handedly transforming the business from the inside out, bottom up, culture first.

This, my friends. This is what I mean when I say both parties are better of when you negotiate your worth. If my client hadn’t negotiated her salary and set-up, they wouldn’t have taken her as seriously as they are doing now, AND my client wouldn’t have been inclined to shake things up in such a massive way. Both parties would have lost out on massive potential.

So wonder women, say it with me:

I am not selfish / greedy / arrogant for negotiating my career confidently. I am making things better for my employer also.

Cheers to that!

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