Friday WIN: 3rd November 2023

Featured in Testimonial

It’s Friday! So yeay, let’s celebrate our WINner today, who was able to secure an awesome promotion in her org, which for a long time seemed out of reach.

You see, she had been told over and over again, that – despite her many great successes – the exponential rather than linear path she wanted (and deserved), wasn’t possible in this company. She would have to stay in her role for a few more years, until VP level would open up to her.

Why? Because “that is how things are done there”, apparently.

Rather than accepting this, she worked hard to better understanding her options, speaking to many interesting people externally. Realising that there are many companies out there who would happily offer her positions at the level she wanted to play at, the conversations internally took a different turn.

Like I often say: make it easy for your boss to give you what you want 🙂

She did, and feeling the fear in their belly of losing her, suddenly what she asked for all along, was possible… So classic.

So yeay, celebrating my WINner! And celebrating the WIN Way program, working like clockwork yet again.

Have a fantastic weekend, darling bunnies! Hope you have lots to celebrate too!


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