Friday WIN: 3rd May 2024

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WINners, on this beautiful Friday, I want to share with you this wonderful story of my WINner. Get ready, this is a bit of a tearjearker…

So when my WINner joined the Women In Negotiation program, she was working in a toxic company, with a boss that made her life hell. Working for him, she went from outgoing, confident, full-of-life and success, to feeling terrible every day, which also affected her performance.
Hearing her announce her departure from this company (orchestrating being fired so she received 2 months pay vs waking out empty-handed) during one of the Team Calls was just fabulous!
AND there was a lot riding on her success in finding a new role. So I was so happy to receive an email from her this week, sharing how her life has turned around – please read for yourself just how much better her life now is!
I live for this, man. I really do. Well done you, monkey, I am so proud of you. And for everyone reading this, recognising themselves in the “before” picture – please know better is waiting for you. It IS possible to find a company that will recognise and support your greatness, and you CAN do it.
Have a great weekend, y’all!


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