Friday WIN: 3rd June 2022

Featured in Testimonial

Today I am celebrating the WIN program’s ripple effect.

It’s wonderful to hear when my WINners’ transformations lead to improvements in other people’s lives too.

Sometimes they give their co-workers a kick (or more) up the bum.

Sometimes they teach their mothers, sisters and / or daughters to expect more of their careers and lives.

Often times their success simply inspires friends to ask for better salaries or positions.

And sometimes the boys in their lives benefit too – like this week, as shared by this badass WINner who went through a bona fide transformation herself.

I am so here for it! Raising my glass to the men in our lives, especially our allies and supporters!

PS No, before you ask: I don’t work with men – they have access to plenty of negotiation teachings that work well for them. But if you are a woman and you want to learn the art and science of negotiating your career and salary, I might be able to help you. And yes, you can then share your learnings with your male partner 🙂 Ping me if you want to hear more.

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