Friday WIN: 3rd February 2023

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My heart is SO, SO full looking at this photo of the WIN get together my lovely Zurich-based WINners had last night…

Like I always say: the WIN program is bad-ass, AND it’s the sisterhood that makes it!

These women, man…. God, I love them. The way they impact the world. The way they shine so bright. The way they support and encourage each other… They’re the best.

And they are kicking ass left, right and center. Just this week, here’s what a few of them got up to.

– got offered a role in a fintech start-up at C-suite level, with a 130% salary increase, thank you very much
– accepted a role in the same company but much bigger responsibilities and in a different continent and almost doubling her salary
– created three serious options in her field at the same time, plus a an attractive freelance gig that will see her through this search comfortably
– getting over decades of playing small and finally having conversations with senior leadership at the same level
– pushed back when she was about to be announced as the successor to her boss, without clarity on package and title – she is negotiating now!
– reached out to three CEO’s in her field, all of whom were eager to speak with her
– navigated a tricky work situation where her manager was taking credit for her work on a project, and ended up discussing said project directly with her N+4, who wants to continue the conversation. Built the relationship with her manager in the process.
– organised a large event and spoke on stage, three months into her new role
– got a meeting with the MD of one of the largest tech companies in the world, which was “absolute gold”
– negotiated two different job offers, leveraging them against each other, and getting really excited about the final decision
– pushed back when she was asked to interview for a role that was below her level, receiving the response they will created something at her level because they want to work with her

I am celebrating these and other WINners’ successes with Sannie Sherman and a couple of WINners in Brussels. I will be raising my glass to the WIN sisterhood and how they change the world!!


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