Friday WIN: 31st May 2024

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How we WIN together! 

Well this is me celebrating my WINners on the WINners Day last Saturday AND it’s a fair representation of how I am cheering every single time I get a note from one of them sharing a success. Thank you RVDBfotografie for capturing the moment!

So what’s there to celebrate today? Oh, only the following:

-a WINner organising and speaking at the first DEI event in her company

-a WINner’s partner increasing his salary by 130% based on her WINners Way advice (a win-win if there ever was one!)

-a WINner program grad resigning from her toxic job, and signing for an exciting new role + salary increase plus this: “I really feel his level of respect and trust in me doubled due to this negotiation conversation”

-a badass WINner receiving a 79% salary increase in her current role, without taking on additional responsibilities

-a WINner simply connecting with the arch rivals of the company that scr*wed her over, finding that indeed, they were VERY interested in her potential

-a WINner expertly going around the potential employers salary expectations questions, whilst increasing their opinion of her

-a WIN grad having a much bigger role now, two short years after doing the program, having a 52% higher salary and a 117% higher bonus, plus negotiating a further increase for a new, exciting international project she is heading

-another WINner program grad securing a new, fully remote role with a 129% increase

-a WIN program grad securing a new role and 40% increase, whilst still working on another option that would be a 110% increase

-another badass realising that despite the much, much better role she now has, it still not being exciting enough, so confidently and comfortably starting the process of further improvements…

I could go on… Suffice to say the WINners are on a rolllllll!

I am taking this take-no-prisoners-let’s-get-sh*t-done energy into the weekend with me, and hope you will do the same.



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