Friday WIN: 30th December 2022

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On the last Friday of the year, let’s do a throwback to some of the amazing successes WINners have had in this past year, shall we? A 2022 WIN Hall of Fame, so to say 😊

I am delighted to share that the average WIN salary increase in 2022 was a whopping 93.2%!!

(Source: the Client Success page on our website.)

That’s amazing for these WINners, and I hope it inspires YOU to dream about what is possible for you.

Before you tell me “Yeah, but in my industry /company / type of role, these kinds of increases aren’t possible”, let me tell you this. WINners come from all different backgrounds. And they consistently get amazing results.

How, you wonder?

It’s simple.

They. Do. The. Work.

This is why I love them so much. It’s not the salary increases they negotiate, nor the dream roles or promotions they navigate to. These results are incredible and I wouldn’t want anything else for them.


My love and pride comes from knowing how hard they have worked. I know how hard-fought these achievements have been.

How deep they had to dig within themselves (we all have different amounts of sh*t to shovel, and yet we all have shoveling to do…).

How far they had to get outside their comfort zone.

How many meetings they had to plan, and practice negotiation runs they did with their fellow WINners.

How many hours they have had to listen to ME, haha!

So as we close off this year, I raise my glass to each and every WINner, their journeys and their accomplishments!

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