Friday WIN: 2nd December 2022

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I am in awe of my WINners, I really am.

These women…. I mean, I KNOW how awesome they are; my one redeeming feature in life is that I see the magic in others. So I am well aware of their bad-assery, and yet they STILL manage to surprise even me with the things they accomplish through their dedication to the work needed to improve their careers and salaries.

Here’s a quick list of some of the things they shared with me in the past week alone:

– a digital transformation exec managed to create FOUR different, exciting opportunities for herself, both inside and outside her company

– another transformation leader applied for a role and dropped a high-ass and fair anchor for the salary, happily walking away when they wouldn’t budge on it

-an associate in a consulting firm shaped a new role exactly according to her liking, with her N+1 and N+2 both agreeing it’s exactly what they need

-a leader in the financial field nailing the interview with the CEO for a CFO role

-a strategy advisor creating clarity about her future internally and working on two other external options that seem really promising.

– a communication specialist being made redundant and welcoming that news with open arms as she is excited about her future

– an engineer and program manager having lunch with the CEO of her massive organisation, and speaking with him as peers

– a manager in sustainability meeting with at least one person outside of her network every week, and these meetings leading to further meetings with other interesting people

– an ops and strategy leader turning a video interview into a F2F lunch with the CEO and the team, and thus being well placed to create a (much) larger role than initially discussed

– a finance leader in pharma applying confidently for the perfect role for her, when in the past she would have gone for roles that were below her level

– tech leader creating three meaningful mentoring relationships both inside and outside the company

People, people, please join me in celebrating these phenomenal women and their bad-assery… They genuinely blow me away with what they prove to be capable of when combining their awesome expertise with working The WIN Way…

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PS If you’re a WINner and I have forgotten your story, sorry! I love you and am proud of you and I have a terrible memory!


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