Friday WIN: 29th September 2023

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Team! What a week! Fancy nibbles and fancy wine celebrating the WINs from WINners shared with me yesterday alone…

🥂 signed contract for DREAM ROLE in NEW INDUSTRY and NEW COUNTRY and 40% SALARY INCREASE

🥂 said no to a low ball offer for a different role in a new team in her company, the discussed SERIOUS UPGRADE of her current role

🥂 was asked to write her own JD for a COO role after convincing the CEO she was the answer to all his problems, hehe

🥂 reached out to CEO of interesting agency and was immediately asked to meet more people

🥂 started in NEW ROLE with TOTAL SALARY INCREASE 45% plus benefits like car allowance and stock options

🥂 Had a meaningful career conversation, rejigging her role and INCREASING its scope with her boss, whom she believed would never be open to that

🥂 negotiated a NEW ROLE in a NEW FIRM, which is her second step up after doing the WIN program, equally a total 61% SALARY INCREASE since then

🥂 Has 3 CONCRETE OPTIONS for new roles on the table, with MORE in the pipeline!

I mean…. These successes boggle the mind. I am so damn proud of these ladies!

What are you celebrating today?


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