Friday WIN: 29th March 2024

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Testimonial Friday Win

Friends, it’s Friyeay and as ever I am here to celebrate a wonderful WIN with you.

🎉 It was very hard to pick just one, as the whole week was filled with successes from both my current WINners and my Grads.

🔥 Sharing this one from one badass lady graduating this week, who left her toxic company for an amazing new leadership role, growth opportunities and a massive salary increase (almost DOUBLING her package!). A “QUANTUM LEAP” indeed!

💃🏼 Why I chose this one, though, is because she shares about the wonderful network of WINners who have supported her (and who will continue to support her) along the way.

🙌 I am so, so proud of this group, and how they cheer each other on, hold each other accountable, inspire one another and how they support each other in very real, tangible ways.

💪 One Grad mentioned how within an hour of needing support after being laid off unexpectedly, there was a flood of messages from her fellow WINners, allowing her to move forward powerfully instantly.

🍾 So this week, I am celebrating this WINner AND the sisterhood of WINners – you are the best!


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