Friday WIN: 29th December 2023

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People! It’s Friyeay, and not just any old Friyeay, but for many people the last Friyeay of work this year.

And I want to celebrate this badass WINner who is doing our WIN Way program by the book, and as a result, is getting extraordinary results.

When we first spoke, this architect was unhappy with the way things were done in her firm. Things needed to change dramatically, as the current set-up was not working for her… or the firm. She saw lots of opportunities for improvement, but hadn’t taken action on those ideas – waiting for her employers to come to her instead.

Which didn’t happen, obviously. You need to raise your hand. You need to knock on the door. You need to pro-actively take control.

And she did, and she set about having meaningful conversations internally – WIN Way style – understanding at a deep level what needed to change to turn the ship, and how this could be accomplished.

At the same time, she wasn’t just going to bet on this horse alone, and explored external opportunities. The first option on the table wasn’t as big and bold and badass a role as she wished. Knowing her worth and potential, she turned it down, telling the hiring manager to contact her if a role at her desired level came up. Cue them coming back to her this week, with a more senior role 🙂

And lastly, she is still putting in the work to meet other interesting parties. Because she knows: options = power. So this WINner is investing in enlarging her network, knowing that when the right stakeholders know about her magic, her short term and her long term career success are guaranteed.

Like I said on the Team Call yesterday: this WINner doing text book WIN work will lead to text book WIN results – can’t wait to hear what it will end up being for her!

And let’s be clear: I am just picking this one WINner’s success to share with you, to show you what is possible when you take control, when you take action, when you put in the work. AND there are many more WINners who have been kicking it out of the park this week. Want to hear some more good news? Tune in next week for some more career magic, peeps!

Happy holidays for now, gorgeous people of the world! May you be blessed beyond belief. Big love to you all from Team WIN, xxx


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