Friday WIN: 29th April 2022

Featured in Testimonial

Together with Sannie, I am celebrating a ton of WINs today that have been shared with us over the past week.

This particular one is exceptionally cool. Client pushed to get paid appropriately in her current role – she should be on at least 15% more than she was, just to hit the range for her role (leaving out the fact she is consistently over-delivering so realistically should be on a lot more than that). Ultimately found out her current employers were unwilling to meet that her very reasonable requests.

Looking externally, she secured three different offers in one day. What can I say – not everyone is blind to a badass woman in tech who makes her company a lot of money…

She picked the tech company with a 50% female leadership team (!!) at 70% more than her current role, where there is great growth potential.

This meant foregoing the role she mentions in her message to me at the end, which ultimately went to 250% salary increase (update form that message, after she pushed back once again).

Excited for her future, excited for the company that’s lucky enough to get her! CHEERS, TEAM!

And for every undervalued woman in tech (or other industries): if your current employer does not see your value or is unwilling to pay for it, go and find one that does. Plenty of fish in the sea, my dear!

If you need help with that, click here and we can discuss if I can help you, too.

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