Friday WIN: 28th June 2024

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Banger of a WIN

Today, friends, I’d love to share one banger of a WIN with all of you, from a lady who means the world to me and who deserves all the goodness – which she is finally getting!

When she joined the program, she was severely underpaid. As the main breadwinner, that is even more problematic than it would have been just on principle alone.

Fast forward to yesterday, when she resigned from an interim improvement, and signed for her dream role on the same day!

For reference: as WINners, we always aim for the “unicorn” role: the one that is fantastic in every aspect. And sometimes, we have to temporarily settle for financial reasons, for what we refer to as a “mediocre pony”, or “pony” for short.

I am so proud of this woman: doing what she had to do, whilst continuing to put in the effort to achieve her dreams.

Badass, friends. Badass.

We raised our glasses to you, chicken, during the call. And today I am doing the same thing again!

Wishing everyone a weekend dreaming and planning their fabulous futures!


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