Friday WIN: 27th May 2022

Featured in Testimonial

Yes, yes. Yes, I did put on my 80’s power suit to celebrate my clients today. You would too, if you knew the badassery they’ve been up to, ha!

In the last 8 days alone, these wonder women have reported:

– Nailing their salary negotiation for a new role in a new company

– Applied to and were invited to interview for two board roles

– Started conversations with VC firms about C level roles

– Gotten a 21% salary increase + 40% bonus increase for their current role

– Set boundaries with future employer because their proposed set-up wasn’t working for her

– Negotiated a fantastic new role in a start-up with a big equity package

– Found her unicorn-role and unicorn-company and the love was mutual!

– Received both an internal offer for a big promotion AND an external offer which is even more exciting

And this is just what I remember, and most of you know how terrible my memory is, so I am probably missing a few…

Hot damn, these women and their results delight me! Feeling incredibly grateful to be working with these badasses that bring their A-game to this process.

Chicks, you know who you are – raising my glass to y’all!

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