Friday WIN: 26th August 2022

Featured in Testimonial

It’s Friday and we are celebrating here over at WIN HQ!

Celebrating incredible achievements from a great number of clients. One in particular I want to highlight today, since her story is – unfortunately – very common for female professionals.

This WINner joined The WIN Way program to find a way out of the toxic pale, stale, male finance environment she was in. Overlooked and underappreciated, she really did need to quit as soon as she could.

Easier said than done, eh?

Not for a WINner, though 🙂

By doing the work in the program, she found a place much lovelier, much more suited to her talents, skills and core values, where she will be paid what she is worth (plus an upwards trajectory already built in!). And they are so happy to have her, too, as evidenced by their enthusiastic responses to her joining.

It will be fantastic to watch her soar in this new place. Raising my glass to this badass now, hoping you’ll join me in wishing her every success.

If you have any ideas about which destination she can best visit during her month+ time off in between these roles, do let us both know in the comments – she is actively looking for suggestions! The WINners and WIN Grads mentioned Costa Rica and Japan as good places to go. What are your thoughts?


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