Friday WIN: 25th November 2022

Featured in Testimonial

Friyeay WIN!

VERY proud of this WINner in the tech space who negotiated a fantastic severance package from her employer. The original offer was 1 month, she upped it to 6 months!! Pretty nice for a role she has had for less than a year…

This will make a massive difference in practical terms. The extra time will allow her to recover from the intensive last couple of months, and give her sufficient time to leisurely look for a new role that is perfect for her.

The more important change though, is the internal transformation she went through. She was fully, confidently in control from start to finish during the negotiation process, in stark contrast to how the entered the company earlier this year (pre-WIN).

Being in the driver’s seat in your career – that, my friends, is what WINning is all about!

So I am celebrating her today! AND I am celebrating all the other WINners who continue to kick ass in their career and salary negotiations (there were A LOT more celebrations this week!)!

Proud of you all, so happy for you all!


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