Friday WIN: 25th August 2023

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Today is my birthday! 🥳

So for our Friday WIN, here’s what I am celebrating about these 42 years of my ride on this planet:

💃🏼 My family. Hot damn, I am lucky.

💃🏼 My friends. I repeat: hot damn, I am lucky to have you in my life.

💃🏼 My WINners. Again: hot damn… You make me proud. Every. Single. Day. I don’t think most people realise just how lucky I am to receive their messages of good news, gratitude and general celebration literally every single day. That kind of constant and immediate feedback and recognition is quite something. 🥰

And… 💡Brainfart!💡

I want to do something fun, because on your birthday you treat others.

Plus, there’s the fact that I stupidly fractured my foot and thus unexpectedly won’t be hiking up the Ticino mountains next week as I planned, meaning I have been gifted some extra time for other fun stuff.

So I just had this idea… 💡

How about next Friday, 1 September, lunchtime Europe, you join me for a live Ask-Me-Anything career and salary negotiation related session, open to all?

Message me here and my team will send you details once we have figured them out.

Seems fun, yes? For now, happy weekend, peeps! 🥂


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