Friday WIN: 24th May 2024

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Collective Sisterhood

Join me in celebrating our collective sisterhood! 

Today, friends, as I am sitting in our garden during a brief moment of respite from last minute prep, I am not just celebrating one WINner’s success, but the success of our collective sisterhood.

Not that there haven’t been any individual successes this week. In fact, many WINners got amazing results this week. A WINner who got a new flat AND a new role, away from her toxic company (raising my glass to you, munchkin!). Or the woman who finally discussed her ambitions for a VP role at work. The TWO WINners who were both offered a role, and who both declined, realising they are made for more. The WINner who signed for her “dream role” after an intensive search, whilst holding her standards high. And as always: that’s just from memory, so I am sure I am forgetting others!

I applaud all of you! So proud of you, chickens.

And today, I also celebrate the sheer collective FORCE of this COMMUNITY of badasses. You see, tomorrow, 125 WINners and Grads who have flown in from 10 different countries around the world, will celebrate and strengthen our sisterhood during a full day reunion in Amsterdam.

These women… ❤️ What they do for each other, what they mean to each other, how they support each other… it means the world to me. THEY mean the world to me. And tomorrow, we get to celebrate this amazing force for good, AND be inspired by some amazing speakers. Thank you @‌miluskavantlam @houdaloukili @‌annastando @kaouthardarmoni for adding your energy and wisdom to this day!

It has just sunk in that this will arguably be the most important day of my career, and also the most joyous… I feel like the luckiest person alive!

Celebrate with me, will you? Celebrate the strength of sisterhood!


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