Friday WIN: 24th February 2023

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Friends, I am so happy to share my WINner’s success with you on this Friday!

She shared live on our Graduates call last night what happened earlier that day. Massive result! To say I am one proud mama, would be an understatement.

Let’s first focus on this achievement: an internal move to another part of the business, with a nice 57% salary increase, plus other costs covered.


AND… There’s a back story I want to share with you all as well, because there are some lessons in this that I think are worth noting for anyone currently unhappy in their careers.

What she shared on our call was that she had been open about her unhappiness with being underpaid for quite some time with her manager, who refused to do anything about it.

Yesterday morning, during a meeting with her boss, she actually went as far as to mention she was actively looking externally for better-paying options. (She was awaiting the final contract, so she didn’t mention this opportunity specifically.)

To that, her boss literally responded: “Yeah, but you’re still here, aren’t you?”

In other words, her boss was counting on the fact that she wouldn’t leave the company or her position.

This, my friends, I see happen a lot. Women – especially – who are great at what they do and over-deliver consistently, yet are underpaid. If they (continue to) accept that, they are in effect training their employers to believe they will continue to deliver the same great results for little pay.

Morality aside, why would any employer want to change that?

Like I said: I hear these stories every day, this thinking is nothing new. However, what was new to me, was that an employer would actually voice these thoughts!

This story has a fun ending though, of course. Because after this conversation, she received the final contract at lunch time, and immediately went to her boss to tell her she was leaving.

Can you imagine her stunned face [insert very evil laughter]….? Such a shame we still don’t have than WIN body cam to record the response, hehe…

People, besides celebrating my WINner with me, please consider if you have taught your employer to undervalue you as well. If so, rest assured it can be fixed, either internally or by going externally. Reach out if you need me to hold your hand. And for now: let’s raise our glass to this badass!

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