Friday WIN: 23rd June 2023

Featured in Testimonial

Team! Today I am celebrating this WINner who kicked it out of the park during her recent promotion journey at work. If you need inspiration to JUST GO FOR IT, read on!

There were two different roles on the table: a straight-up promotion, which was the expected-by-all option, or her actual dream role elsewhere in the company, for which she would need to make sure she had the buy-in from the relevant decision-makers.

You guessed it: she managed to do exactly that. And not only did she get the offer, she also negotiated a 56% comp increase! YESSSSS BABY!

So happy for her, so proud of her, so excited for her future. Because this is only the first step in what will undoubtedly be a strong growth trajectory based on the understanding that if you can dream it, you can do it!

Have a happy, sunny weekend, folks!


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