Friday WIN: 23rd December 2022

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Oh people!

On the cusp of 2022, let me share three beautiful WINs that arrived in my inbox this week in the space of 24 hours.

They build on each other in the most beautiful way!‌

The first one is from a current WINner, who joined the WIN program to negotiate her salary as she is being promoted to CFO and she wanted to ensure her package would be commensurate with the level of the new role. She only joined a few weeks ago, and here are her results (btw, she just shared on the Team Call that the 83% overall increase is a typo; it should be 93%….). Well done, darling, well done. I am so proud of you!

The second WIN is from another WINner, who did the program a year ago. Back then, she already negotiated a much better set up for her new role and a steep package increase. And she keeps on WINning!‌

The last and very much not least share comes from an even “older” WIN grad (she is actually the youngest from these three; smartiepants realised the need for negotiation skills early on in her career!). 6 steps up since doing the program?! Yes please! Tripling salary? Thank you, ma’am!‌

It goes to show how the initial results of the program, usually achieved during or shortly after doing the program, are really on the beginning of an upward spiral. Depending on the WINners willingness to continue doing the mindset work + commitment to taking intelligent action, they continue to take big steps in their career.‌

It’s super fun to watch their continued success, I am ever so proud of them! They inspire the other WINners, the people around them and hopefully also YOU!

What can you achieve in 2023 if you start #takingyourselfseriously?

Message me if you want to discuss with me if you’re ready to uplevel your career, too!


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