Friday WIN: 22 October 2021

Featured in Testimonial

Celebrating this WIN appropriately today!

My client took my perpetual encouragement to look for her “unicorn job” quite literally 

This week, the start-up she joined after doing the WIN program, reached UNICORN status, ie getting 1B value assessment. And chick’s got a sizeable portion of stock options 🙂 

And then to think that only fairly recently, she had a very cushioned, very safe role in another – very large, established company, that was “good” in the traditional sense, but… boring. She knew she could do more, she wanted something else, she was keen to grow.

And so she set out on a journey to discover what was her dream role, and found it, in a completely different field, doing something completely different. Many people would shake their head at such a drastic change, wonder if she wasn’t throwing away all those years of studies, work experience, climbing the traditional ladder.

Guess who is laughing now? She is having a TON of fun, doing work she loves, and let’s be real: making freaking bank.

So to all the women out there, wondering if that niggly little voice in their heads deserves to be listened to: YES, YES… YESSS! Go for it. Get excited, go follow the energy, follow your dreams. Life’s too short for anything else.

Cheering you all on! Have a wonderful weekend!

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