Friday WIN: 21st June 2024

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On this day in June (historically known as the best autumn month in The Netherlands smirk), I am celebrating the heck out of my WINning client! Join me in raising your glass this afternoon please, because she deserves massive cheering!

This badass joined the WINning coaching program a mere eight weeks ago, being quite down as she has recently returned to Europe – jobless – after building her career in Asia. After trying to manage her job search on her own and finding she wasn’t very successful despite having an impressive track record, she came to me as she was looking for “ a radical, new approach”.

Well, what can I say? The WINning program delivered as this week, she was offered TWO new roles and FOUR different board positions!

She will take both roles in a part-time capacity, as they are both super interesting to further develop herself in exactly the direction she was hoping for. I told her to carefully assess which board positions she can contribute most too and can get most out of, considering that, despite being an amazing Wonder Woman, she is also human smile

Fortunately she had a bottle of champagne waiting, as she recently won an impromptu WIN program contest, so cheering her on whilst she opened that and poured herself a much deserved glass, was having it all feel very full-circle.

Eight weeks. In eight weeks you can go from zero to, well… SIX roles.

So very proud of you, chicken!

Massive, massive congrats on your hard work paying off like this. I am excited for your future.

Have a wonderful weekend, y’all!


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