Friday WIN: 21st July 2023

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Dear friends of the internet,

Today, I am celebrating opportunity abundance in the broadest sense.

I will soon be heading off to Italy, from whence I will continue to work with my clients. The reason I won’t take time off is because my WINners’ opportunities keep coming, even at a time when others assume “nothing is happening during the summer holidays”.

Let the attached message be a reminder of this – doors do open left, right and centre upon a gentle knock.

So go off and do some door-knocking, friends! Spend the upcoming month having lunches with interesting people, organise a dinner with friends or colleagues from the past who are doing cool things in their careers, invite that person from that amazing company you’ve been admiring from afar. If they are working, they will welcome the invite, I promise. And if they are away, they will reach out upon their return.

So today, still from our somewhat grey garden, I raise my glass to all WINners who are creating opportunities for themselves!

Chicks, I am one proud mama and there to support you every step of the way! (It’s just that next week I will be sitting behind my laptop at a sun-drenched terrace in the Tuscan mountains, potentially in a bikini and with a cocktail in my hand – but the love and support is the same!)


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