Friday WIN: 21st April 2023

Featured in Testimonial

Dear friends,

So much to celebrate this Friday!

I spent a bit of time with our WINners in London this week and their recent successes have been humbling…

From the WINner that got a 25% salary increase at work, but rated the boundaries she was able to set with her new partner as much more important, then casually dropped the fact she was able to buy a house this week,

to the WIN badass that is kicking it out of the park at work, hobnobbing with the board like it’s nothing,

to the WINner that is discussing her career in a company after her first 90 days and already announced a further salary increase, to which her boss said “Definitely, we need to make sure you get rewarded appropriately for everything you are doing that we didn’t originally discuss”

to the WINner on the Team Call that got offered a role on the spot after meeting with someone, using the WIN framework to shape the conversation,

to alllllll the WINners who are meeting and moving things forward, and building relationships, and negotiating packages, and speaking up for themselves and others and…

So very, very proud of all of them.

And highlighting one particular WINner today, who sent me the attached message earlier this afternoon.

I raise my glass to you, chick, and to all other WINners now (and then I am going to bed because that concussion thing is still…. a thing).

Have a fantastic weekend, y’all!


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