Friday WIN: 20th October 2023

Featured in Testimonial

What my client describes here, is why I started The WIN Way program all those years ago, namely to move those dreaded and unhelpful one-way-street interviews to meaningful conversations that provide clarity to both sides regarding what the company and team truly need, and what the interviewee can uniquely provide.

This way, both sides can make a genuine and informed decision if there is a match, and if this is indeed the case, work on making it the best possible match ever.

Which is exactly what my WINner did here, textbook-style. *chef’s kiss*

And which got her a much better outcome in the process. Because everyone surely understands that negotiating from a place where the company practically begs you to join them (“please come and help us sort out this mess”) is a whole lot more powerful than the normal “please, please, please hire meeeeeee” desperation so often prevalent in hiring processes.

Truly, truly so happy when things work out exactly as planned.

Truly, truly so proud of this WINner’s work in changing the standard process into one that serves both sides at a much, much higher level than leaving it up to the outdated models of the past.

Celebrating you, WINner badass you!


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