Friday WIN: 20th January 2023

Featured in Testimonial

Team! It’s SNOWING in The Netherlands! I am celebrating the heck out of that by working from our living room rather than the office, today. I have spent the morning in front of the fire place and probably won’t leave anytime soon, WOOOP!

I am also celebrating the WINner who made my morning, by having me wake up to the following message – scroll on friends!

‌Very much a diagonal move, ie not just to a new continent, but also a serious step in her career, plus a cool 85% salary increase (which may further increase, it seems).‌

She has been nurturing this relationship for some months, and then really leveraged it by learning the art and science of negotiating your salary in the last 10 days in the WIN program – WOOOOOOP once again!

Very proud of her!

It’s a little bit early for bubbles even for me, AND will definitely open up a bottle of something nice tonight to toast to her success.


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