Friday WIN: 2nd February 2024

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Friday WINning! Friends, it has been a WEEK of WINs, so it was difficult picking just one success to share with you.

I chose this one due to the hilarious description of the interview this WINner had as “therapy” for the hiring manager 😂 And their humble request “would you please help us?”

THAT, my friends, is how you get a company to co-create your new role with you and then negotiate a badass package. When they don’t feel like they are doing you a favour by extending you an offer, but they are grateful for your willingness to work with them.

It may seem like a subtle shift but it’s an absolute game changer, let me tell you.

Darling bunny, so very happy for you and proud of you for getting textbook WIN results after textbook program application! I will raise my glass to you in a few hours, and also to all the other WINners kicking it out of the park this week.

Remember ladies: when you do the work, you get the results – guaranteed.



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