Friday WIN: 1st September 2023

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Team! Friday WINs! Who says the summer is a bad time to make career moves??

In the last week alone, here are some of the successes my WINners have reported:

  • Moved to a high visibility role in her company, landing a sizeable salary increase of between 95-110% depending on her KPI achievement over the next year

  • Was invited to be a speaker at a global UN conference, and spread the word about it amongst key players in her company

  • Has 21 meetings with interesting people in her network in the industry she wants to move to, with another 17 being scheduled and all of them so far being super positive

  • Got a new role as head of HR in an interesting start-up with a great culture, able to leave her old toxic work place with a bog smile

  • Got a fabulous new role in the new structure of her bank after a big merger

  • Negotiated a 50% increase vis-a-vis her last role, also heading HR

  • Accepted offer for a lovely interim role with a small salary increase vs her previous high salary but lots of upward potential, plus also working on another serious option

  • Moving industries into management consultancy with a lovely 85% increase on full package

  • Discussed new opportunity with HR, learning that their initial offer will be 55% increase from her previous comp (and that’s before negotiating [insert evil laugh hehehe]!)

As we head into fall, please remember: you are not a tree. If you don’t like where you are, you can move.* Yes, you too. If you’re willing to do the work, all of the above is available to you, too.

Have a great weekend, team!

*cue all the jokes about my inability to move right now 😂


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