Friday WIN: 1st March 2024

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Team, Friday WINS! Couldn’t help myself and I am sharing a few today as they seem too much fun to keep to myself… 


Have a read through the badassery that my WINners have been up to:

96% salary increase? ✅

45% increase? ✅

Perfect role on the other side of the world? ✅

Turning a one-sided interview into a conversation? ✅

Having the upper hand in a promotion conversation? ✅

And lastly I also added a little WIN for myself, which was an attendant of one of the corporate workshops that I ran this week at different times, attending both sessions as they enjoyed the first one so much, despite the second taking place at silly o’clock 😁

People, it’s a tiny bit too early for a glass of bubbles or a cocktail so I am raising an (still appropriately titled) coffee mug to celebrate these WINners and all achieving great things this week 🍾

What are you celebrating? 💃🏼


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